Interior Painting in Larchmont, NY – Warming Old Walls with New Color

We truly enjoy the process of transforming homes and businesses through the power of well-chosen and carefully applied paint. In fact, this passion has fueled us in our work for over a century!

There is something particularly satisfying, however, about infusing an older home with modern, fresh color. It creates a beautiful blend of the unique character that an old structure offers, and the crisp look that comes with a new coat of paint. They don’t detract from each other, but rather make each stand out a bit more! Continue reading

Interior Painting Ideas – Don’t Be Afraid of Using Bold Colors!

Is it time to refresh your interior paint? Maybe those dings and scratches have begun to accumulate, and you know that wiping the slate clean and laying down new paint could totally revitalize a room or three in your home.

Before you pick up the standard color that you have been using over and over again, why not try something new? Continue reading

How Do You Remove Wood Paneling?

If we had to pick the top contenders for the title of “Greatest Enemies of Modern Interior Style,” two names rise to the surface very quickly: outdated wallpaper and wood paneling.

To be fair, some wood paneling is very attractive, lending a simultaneously classy and rugged look to a room. But what about when it’s simply old, making that particular space feel dark, and dated?

The good news is that tearing down your paneling is not a very difficult project, and it certainly can be rewarding! Continue reading