How Do You Choose Paint for a Kid’s Room?

Generally when you choose interior paint colors for your home, you think through the styles of the day, your own personality and tastes, and what your ultimate goals are. Your rooms connect, working to create a cohesive feel that flows from space to space.

But what about when you’re choosing paint for your child’s room? What kind of ideas and strategies can you make work for you? After all, style is a factor, but so is pure fun. This little pocket of the world is a place where your child should feel totally at home, relaxed, and enjoy spending time. And, ideally, it should be a color choice that will last. Continue reading

Exploring the Interior Paint Color Trends of 2015

In many ways, turning the corner into a new year acts like a reset button. We enjoy the thrill of tearing down old calendars and putting up new ones; a visual reminder that we’re starting fresh and that there are limitless possibilities for those 365 unmarked squares. Continue reading

Non-Permanent Bathroom Design Ideas for Apartments

As we work through ideas relating to interior design and updates for renters, we first talked about the kitchen. After all, that’s one of the big-ticket items when it comes to personalization, decoration, and overall style opportunity in your home.

Next in line (drum roll) is the bathroom. Continue reading