Cabinet Painting in White Plains, NY – Adding New, Updated Kitchen Style

Are you looking for a cost-effective, minimally intrusive way to update your kitchen’s style?

Well, you certainly aren’t alone. Homeowners now more than perhaps ever before are putting a heavy emphasis on the look and feel of their kitchen. This has led to the development of stunning materials and design options, as well as a refreshed love of warm, inviting interior paint colors. Continue reading

8 Tips for Making Your Home More Marketable (and Beautiful!) This Spring

‘Tis the season for home improvement! With winter definitely disappearing in the rearview mirror, you can now get down to the business of refreshing, updating, and repairing those places around your property that are looking a little worn. It’s a wonderful way to wipe the slate clean and be able to enjoy the rest of the spring and summer!

All of the above is especially important if you’re trying to sell your house. Because we understand that it can be hard to know exactly where to start, we had you in mind when we put together the list of practical home improvement tips below. Continue reading

Interior Painting in Larchmont, NY – Warming Old Walls with New Color

We truly enjoy the process of transforming homes and businesses through the power of well-chosen and carefully applied paint. In fact, this passion has fueled us in our work for over a century!

There is something particularly satisfying, however, about infusing an older home with modern, fresh color. It creates a beautiful blend of the unique character that an old structure offers, and the crisp look that comes with a new coat of paint. They don’t detract from each other, but rather make each stand out a bit more! Continue reading