How to Paint a Table?

kitchen-table-349702_640When it comes to interior design and styling, do you ever feel a bit stuck? Or maybe it seems that for you to completely check off the list of goals you have for your home you would need to win the lottery. Well, you don’t need a million bucks to revamp your home.

Interior painting and design changes can be an incremental process made up of one brainstorm moment building on another.

For example, have you wondered about a relatively inexpensive way to change your kitchen’s style? Why not paint your dining room table? This can be a fun way to make a radical change while keeping you firmly in the driver’s seat when it comes to style choices and the look you have in mind. Continue reading

5 Easy Interior Painting and Design Ideas

When you think of making a change in your interior painting or design, do you automatically think that you’ll need to book a month or two to wrap up an extensive project? Maybe you are envisioning free weekends flying out the window (along with dollar bills), and long hours fumbling through paint swatches in front of a few miles of glowering paint cans.

Interior painting doesn’t have to be like that!

Small changes, strategic changes, and creative design ideas can work together to change the flavor of the places that are important to you, one bit at a time. Continue reading

Deck Paint – How to Paint a Deck

exterior deck painting What do you like to do outside? Maybe you love the great outdoors and hiking, biking, or camping is your idea of a good time. Or, maybe sticking a little closer to home and sitting on your back deck with your favorite cold beverage is up your alley. A deck, patio, or porch can be a fantastic way to catch a breeze or feel the sun on your face without having to go far. Unfortunately, however, what can be a real asset to a property can quickly turn into an eyesore (and a splinter factory) when time and weather work against it. And they will! So, if you choose not to re-stain your deck, you may be wondering how to paint a deck. 

Continue reading