Which Paint Sheen Is Best? Tips for House Painters

Your interior paint is actually a lot like your wardrobe.

It changes with time as styles come and go (well, at least for some!), and different colors and “looks” are chosen for different functions and moods. You also pick your clothing based on durability, strength, and how well it will meet the needs of a given activity. For example, you would never wear a business suit to play a game of pick-up football, or your athletic gear to a job interview.

In the same way, the sheen you choose for your interior paint needs to be carefully paired with exactly what is going to be asked of it. Because of that, picking your sheen is equally as important as picking the perfect color. Continue reading

Are Expensive Exterior Paint Brands Really Better? Tips for Home Painters in Westchester County

Exterior painting is a process that can hold a lot of question marks for homeowners. There is surface preparation and repairs to think about, primers, materials, the weather, and the age-old color dilemma: should you try a new look or refresh what you have?

When the time arrives to actually buy your paint, you might just face a new question as you look at the various price tags and brands: is the more expensive paint really worth it? While price isn’t always a determiner of quality, when it comes to paint you certainly will pay more for better products. Sometimes a lot more. Continue reading

Are You Looking for Reputable Home Service Providers in Westchester County? We Can Help!

Here at A.G. Williams Painting Company, we take service very seriously. Over our last 100 years of being in business we have made excellence in customer care a priority (evenly tied with the quality of our work), and it has become synonymous with the A.G. Williams name. That’s something we’re very proud of!

In short, we want you to feel comfortable when you ask us to paint your home, and to know that our name is behind our work.

At the same time, we know that as a homeowner you will inevitably need services other than painting. We also know that being certain that you have found a reputable service provider is not always easy.

So, how can you be sure that the professional you choose is someone you can confidently trust? Continue reading