Choosing the Best Color and Sheen for Your Ceiling – Painting Tips for Pelham, NY

Ceilings, unfortunately, tend to become an after-thought for homeowners during the interior painting process. It’s easy to let happen! The time is right for painting, you feel inspired, and the walls quickly become the natural focal point of the project (and the room!).

Let’s pause for a minute and look up. How does your ceiling look? What kind of potential is there for adding to the look, style, and palette of the space? Continue reading

What Is the Best Weather for Exterior Painting?

You know, exterior painting is a little like camping. You plan for it, gather your gear together, invest in your favorite snacks, try (and often fail) to get a friend to come along, and hope that the all-important weather holds out. A rainy, stormy day can totally undo a lot of planning and preparation.

Aside from obviously being unable to paint in the rain (unless you really love messy, blended colors and were planning to highlight your landscaping anyway), a lot of homeowners wonder what really is the ideal painting weather? Continue reading

Repairing a Decorative Cement Medallion in Pelham, NY

We recently had the opportunity to complete a unique exterior paint and repair project, and thought we’d share it with you here. Our client has a beautiful, decorative medallion over their front door, but it had unfortunately become worn down and damaged over time.

Age and the elements certainly aren’t kind to exterior surfaces!

Our goal was to repair and paint this cement feature, bringing it back to a beautiful and whole state. Continue reading