Painting with the Colors of Fall – Find Inspiration Outside Your Window!

We’re stepping quickly into a time of year when nature puts on a color display unlike any other. Well, unless you live in the south or out on the sunny west coast. If that’s the case, we don’t feel too badly since you get to swim year round.

Not only is this a great season for snapping a few vibrant photos, or piling up the leaves for the kids to jump into, but it’s also a season when you can find limitless interior color inspiration. Continue reading

Painting Exterior Brick? Here’s Something to Consider!

We are asked quite often about painting exterior brick. We also just recently encountered a question on where someone posted a photo of their brick home and yet again asked that all-important question: should I leave it as it is, or paint my brick?

We thought it might be time to share a bit more information about the topic here, hopefully offering helpful insight to homeowners like you. Continue reading

5 Easy Ways to Update the Style in Your Living Room

Who doesn’t love a home improvement show? Footage of drastic transformations is engaging, especially if an updated decor is on your short-term dream list.

Unfortunately, however, these shows often depict changes that, while definitely stunning, come with huge price tags. And, beyond price alone, they require a certain level of commitment and willingness to turn your life upside down for a while. After all, you can’t exactly pour your breakfast cereal on a “normal morning” while your kitchen cabinets are being torn down around you.

So, is it possible to update your home’s style without breaking your budget or your walls? Continue reading