How Do You Remove Wood Paneling?

If we had to pick the top contenders for the title of “Greatest Enemies of Modern Interior Style,” two names rise to the surface very quickly: outdated wallpaper and wood paneling.

To be fair, some wood paneling is very attractive, lending a simultaneously classy and rugged look to a room. But what about when it’s simply old, making that particular space feel dark, and dated?

The good news is that tearing down your paneling is not a very difficult project, and it certainly can be rewarding! Continue reading

When Should You Start Thinking about Exterior Painting? How about Now?

Before you think we’re very out of touch with the current weather, or maybe that we just don’t have any windows, stick with us as we discuss a common question: just when should you start planning your exterior painting project?

The truth is, this is a wonderful time of year to get a jump on the process. After all, it may feel like spring is in a land far, far away, but in reality it is going to paint the world green and the sky bright blue in no time at all. It’s best to plan your project now and, if you are hiring a professional painter, make sure you are on the schedule ahead of the time when people begin to scramble (which is just a few weeks away). Continue reading

How Do You Choose Paint for a Kid’s Room?

Generally when you choose interior paint colors for your home, you think through the styles of the day, your own personality and tastes, and what your ultimate goals are. Your rooms connect, working to create a cohesive feel that flows from space to space.

But what about when you’re choosing paint for your child’s room? What kind of ideas and strategies can you make work for you? After all, style is a factor, but so is pure fun. This little pocket of the world is a place where your child should feel totally at home, relaxed, and enjoy spending time. And, ideally, it should be a color choice that will last. Continue reading