Elizabeth’s Hope – 2nd Annual Bronxville Road Race for the Children’s Brain Tumor Project

Will You Be There?

We are going to be involved with an incredibly important local event on September 12th, and want to help spread the word however we can. Continue reading

Do You Always Need a Coat of Primer? Exterior Painting Tips for Fairfield County

Have you ever stood in front of a section of your home, squinted up at your siding in the morning sunlight, and said to yourself, “I bet I can get away with not priming this”?

The truth is, maybe you can.

And yet, maybe you can’t.

That’s not extremely helpful, is it? Well, let’s dig into the topic of priming before exterior painting, discussing when you can skip the step and when avoiding it will actually cost you more time and money. Continue reading

Cleaning and Staining Cedar Siding in Ossining, NY

Have you ever seen a home with cedar siding?

They’re absolutely beautiful. Well, we should say that they can be beautiful. Just like with any home, routine cleaning and exterior maintenance is the key to keeping a fresh look.

We had the opportunity recently to help a client in Ossining bring their home back from a rough and weathered condition to simply stunning. Join us for a closer look! Continue reading