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  1. Penny Henry says:

    I live in a all brick home and have always had trouble deciding which colors to do my trim, shutters and front door. I just purchased a new front door and haven’t painted it yet. Before I purchased the door I was looking to change my trim and shutters and now my new front door. I see this website only offers consulting in New York and CT but was wondering if you know of anyone in area that could help me. It would be nice to find a website where I can put a picture of my house and get advice. Is there any? I live in Gray,LA

  2. viccha says:

    Where the front door is the standalone feature on the front of your home, the shutters are the “picture frames”, the trim serves as the “wrapping paper”. It generates the less-noticed outlines that create depth and illusion to your property. It should not be an identical color to the house, as it is imperative to give a sense of three-dimension to the doorframe and outline exterior. The main takeaway about this paint job is that it should be in contrast to the color of the siding. For instance, if your house is white, a black choice would be excellent as they are opposites of each other on the color spectrum. It allows the eye to fully see the shape and angles of the architecture. If your home is brick, you are given more opportunity to do atypical trim colors such as forest green or whites.

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