A.G. Williams Painting Company has a full service carpentry division on staff. Our carpentry services division can take on renovations and repair rotted wood on the exterior surface of your home or office. If we find any rotted wood when our painters prepare your home, we show you the areas in need of repair and provide an estimate for performing the repairs at that time. Our carpentry services include wood staining & finishing, siding replacement, brick molding, window sills, and trim work. And when it comes to interior work, we are experienced in a wide range of projects, from building additions to repairing and installing doors, windows and floors, to repairing holes in walls. A.G. Williams Painting Company also offers composite wood installation or repairs. If you are interested in installing a new fence or deck, we can handle that, too.

Our carpentry services team will help your home or place of business look its best, so you’ll be able to fully enjoy our work for many years to come.