Eco Friendly Painting

New environmental regulations and consumer demand have led to the development of paints with substantially lower levels of volatile organic compounds (called low VOC paints and zero VOC paints) than what has traditionally been available, along with green painting supplies.

VOCs are potentially carcinogenic, carbon-based chemicals found in traditional paint products. These compounds are released into the air when new paint is applied, when old paint is removed, and, to a lesser extent, continually throughout the life of the paint job. VOCs evaporate slowly at room temperature. They have been linked to increased risk of health problems such as dizziness; irritation of the eyes and trachea; lung, heart, or kidney damage; and cancer.

The A.G. Williams team uses newer products, including Benjamin Moore, Natura™ interior paint, that offer the quality of traditional premium paints with the peace of mind and comfort of zero VOC products.

A.G. Williams Co. strives toward using green painting supplies for each and every job. We follow all regulations for separating and containing hazardous materials and removing them from your home or commercial site. We then use a certified hazardous waste removal service that removes all fo the contained material from our shop location. We also donate our unwanted and leftover paint whenever possible.

Ask us about new low VOC paint and zero VOC paint products that are available for your painting project.