Interior & Exterior Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I choose A.G. Williams as my painter/contractor? What are your credentials?
Q. Can I get references?
Q. How often should I repaint my home?
Q. How do I choose the right contractor for my project?
Q. What is A.G. Williams's service area?
Q. Can I receive an estimate over the phone?
Q. Is A.G. Williams licensed and insured?
Q. What do I have to do to get ready for the painters?
Q. How much time does A.G. Williams spend prepping?
Q. Is powerwashing necessary before painting exterior surfaces?
Q. My woodwork is painted in an oil-based paint. I don't like the odor of oil-based paints. Can I change it to latex? What about low odor and environmentally friendly paints?
Q. We have some rotted wood. Can you make repairs?
Q. Does A.G. Williams provide touch-up paint after the job is complete?
Q. What if I have a problem after the job is over?
Q. Do you have an online portfolio?