Color Consultation

paint color consultation
Why get a paint color consultation? There are two great reasons:

First, the color on a paint chip often doesn’t look the same on your wall. This is because your home or office lighting, orientation and surroundings, surface textures, and existing design elements all influence a color’s appearance. The second reason is that as part of a paint color consultation, A.G. Williams Painting Company brings in Certified Color Consultants who are professionals with specialized training in the functional application of color and the emotional and psychological effect color can have on us.

A.G. Williams can guide you through the sometimes confusing process of coming up with painting ideas and selecting colors, helping you achieve your vision for your home or office. We’ll work with you to find the color palette that best meets your needs for your interior and exterior painting projects.

As a first step in your painting project, we offer an initial paint color consultation with one of our paint specialists. Our knowledgeable staff members know the latest color trends and can help you choose the perfect color concept.

Have painting ideas but don’t know what exactly color will look best? You can work with one of our Certified Color Consultants, who will consider the lighting, furniture, and décor of your rooms to guide you through the color selection process. Paint color samples are applied for you to look at and review – we want you to be pleased with your choices before the job begins.

We also have interior design services available at hourly rates.