Detailed Preparation

Perfect painting begins with meticulous surface preparation. A.G. Williams Painting Company believes that a paint job is only as good as the surface that it’s painted on.

As professional painters, we have years of painting experience and know how to achieve excellent results under any circumstances. Whether sanding woodwork to a firm edge, removing wallpaper, plastering, spackling, taping, or texturing, all are an integral part of a painter’s job.

Our professional house painters and office painters protect your home or office from dust created during preparation by masking off surrounding areas using clean plastic sheathing. We will patch virtually any surface without leaving a trace, priming all appropriate areas with job-specific primer to cover repairs, discoloration or stains and matching existing surface textures. Our teams also use a superior urethane caulk to ensure a long lasting quality seal and cosmetically enhance the appearance of your project.

The time our craftsmen spend getting your home or office surfaces ready for painting is the key to a great looking, long lasting paint job.